Mikasa Reversible Plate Compactors

Mikasa Reversible Plate Compactors are ideal for the efficient compaction of sand, gravel and cohesive soils
in trenches and large construction projects. They offer high compaction capacity, superior travel speeds and feature
fully hydraulic direction control for easy direction change. They are ideally suited for civil construction works,
drainage contractors and the rental industry.

Mikasa Reversible Plate Compactor Features:

1.) Cyclone Air Cleaners – Improves engines performance and air filter service life by filtering and capturing fine
dust particles (308 & 608 Models only).

2.) Anti Vibration & Adjustable Handle – Reduces operator fatigue by significantly reducing handle vibration. Handle
is also height adjustable for improved operator comfort.

3.) Engine Protection Frame & Lifting Hook – Robust frame provides superior protection against engine damage, also fitted
with a built in lifting hook for safe on site handling.

4.) Variable Speed Controls – Forward and reverse travel are easily adjusted proportional to lever position for easy maneuverability.

5.) Enclosed Belt Guard – Provides superior protection of drive belt and clutch against dust & debris.

6.) Fold Up Handle – Handle easily folds up and locks into position for safe and easy operation, transport & storage.

7.) Hour Meter – Allows accurate tracking of services and maintenance intervals with build in hour & tachometer (engine rpm)
(308 & 508 Models Only)

8.) Removable Extension Plates – Easily adjust the width of the plate to match your job requirements (308 & 508 Models Only).

9.) Service & Maintenance – Convenient access to engine for service and maintenance with hinged engine protection frame.


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