The JCB 8018 CTS is a conventional tail swing 1.7 tonne mini digger (1.5 tonne class mini excavator) which is packed full of features to help you to reduce the cost of ownership whilst also improving safety, productivity and comfort for the operator. The 8018 CTS has an operating weight of 1767kg and net power of 14.2kW (19hp).


Reason 1: Conventional Tail Swing

The conventional tail swing design allows for maximum digging performance, stability and balance. The extended undercarriage provides even greater stability and balance especially when working over the side. Their compact balanced design makes them easy tow configuration on any trailer combination.


Reason 2: Low Cost of Ownership

The 8018 small digger is robust, well-made with low running costs. Key features that contribute to low cost of ownership include: Comprehensive 3year 3000hour JCB Factory warranty from the full mechanical hitch to the rear counterweight, reliable and powerful 14.2kW fuel miser Perkins engine, an extending undercarriage with sacrificial wear pads, a bushed king-post and dig end, 500 hour oil change and filter service intervals, a tilting operator’s platform,  top mounted boom lift cylinder (protected behind the boom eliminating damage when loading into trucks or from attachments) and steel panels that are more impact resistant than fibre panels found on other brands.


Reason 3: Operating Environment

The 8018 canopy compact excavator is designed and compliant for Australian conditions. With a certified ROPS/TOPS structure that provides excellent all-round visibility and a spacious floor area. JCB’s lockable toolbox means operators don’t have to sacrifice leg room by storing tools on the floor.  The one-piece seat base minimises engine noise and vibration. Standard-fit short pitch tracks provide a smooth and comfortable ride. To maximise productivity, JCB have by designed, maximised day-long comfort by using smooth intuitive controls and an ergonomic operator station layout.


Reason 4: Height Performance

The 8018 mini excavator boasts best-in-class tear out, reach and dump height for ultimate productivity. Lift capacity, stability and balance are a hallmark of the machines reputation and success. The heavy duty-dozer is designed for excellent material roll when grading with easy swing blade extensions when working at maximum track width.


Reason 5: Dig End

The dig end is one of the largest in its class with strength and durability for total peace of mind. The JCB 8018 mini digger has the best reach which means less machine repositioning and the highest tear out forces for improved productivity and greater fuel efficiency. For lower service costs, replaceable steel bushes are fitted in the tipping link, dipper nose and kingpost. JCB uses anticorrosion pivot pins meaning that rust doesn’t leak from around the pivot balls improving appearance and residual values. For the ultimate protection and up-time, all dig end hoses are routed through the boom while the boom ram is top mounted to protect it from impact when loading or using a breaker. If the dig end hoses are accidentally damaged there all colour coded at both ends to speed up replacement time. For maximum versatility, a large range of attachments is available and they are powered by a double acting auxiliary circuit which is fitted as standard. Buckets, hammers and augers are all compatible with the 8018 CTS small excavator.


Reason 6: Undercarriage

The 8018 mini excavator features an extendable undercarriage with a working range 0f 980 to 1,340mm being one of the widest in its class. Combine that with an intrinsic low centre of gravity and you have a balanced stable work platform that performs its best in a wider range of applications. The entire undercarriage is robust and designed for long life. Components are well protected such as the underbelly, track motor guards as well as the armoured hoses for the extended undercarriage. The track rollers are sealed for life, reducing maintenance costs. Easy to use dozer extension wings allow the blade width to be increased when the undercarriage is extended. No tools are required. Short pitch tracks are fitted as standard which reduce noise and vibration when tracking and give a more comfortable ride. Two speed track motors are fitted for maximum torque when dozing or fast cross site travel.


Reason 7: Safety and Security

The 8018 mini digger has full control isolation including dozer, auxiliary and boom swing and features JCB “2-GO” Risk Management Safety Isolation System. This prevents inadvertent engagement of controls ensuring maximum protection for personnel in the vicinity of the machine on start up. When the left control pod is lifted, all hydraulic functions are isolated providing a safe exist from the machine for the operator. Its low centre of gravity and extending undercarriage provide the ultimate machine operating balance. This mini has straight-line tracking whilst multi functioning with other hydraulic functions and provides safe travel operation. The boom is top-mounted to avoid accidental damage from skips, walls or trucks. The back end is highly protected, with a solid 3mm steel bonnet and large wraparound counterweight. Excellent 360 degree all- round visibility makes for safe, alert operation.



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